What it means to be American - and how do you teach that?

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same." - Ronald Reagan

The importance of freedom and what it means to be an American seem to be lost on a large percentage of the population, and especially the upcoming generations. It's not enough to be born or immigrate to American soil - these principles must be consciously taught and prized more than life itself. 

We as a nation have fallen short of this responsibility to those that we hope to carry the flag of freedom and American exceptionalism. We have assumed too much and handed that responsibility over to those who have a different view of what America is and should be.

"If we forget what we did - we won't know who we are" - Ronald Reagan

Our country is losing its identity, and with it our future of freedom and prosperity.


  1. As President Reagan often suggested - "we must teach patriotism and exceptionalism - starting in our families".
  2. While technology and public education have made this much more difficult by disconnecting the generations within families, we have developed a game-based, familiy-driven learning platform that can motivate millions of families to learn what it is to be American. With over $10 million invested and already having served over 10 million students worldwide - we know what we're doing.
  3. This simple, entertaining learning platform can help us take back control of the education of our kids. In just 30 minutes or so a day and without having to pull them from public education, we can deliver the critical life-skills they need to be successful - skills such as what it means to be American - and the importance of family, God, country, and the ability to create wealth, good health and character.
  4. This platform brings kids, parents and grandparents together each day in the family chat room - learning skills and becoming more connected to each other. Each day they will solve a riddle together, the kids will play the world leading learning game, and the parents and grandparents will have the opportunity to pass along the values and principles that make civilizations great.
  5. We work directly with Veterans organizations and their families. Not only does the program help them succeed, but they are instrumental in bringing other minority and disadvantaged families into the platform to benefit as well.
  6. As we connect and empower millions of families to succeed, we will help them support and vote for "family and country over party". This will shift the political dynamics we see today and put the country back on track.


  • Kids - they taught by the liberal education system and are bombarded with media all day from organizations that just want to get them hooked on whatever it is they are selling. They are disconnected from their family.

  • Parents - are way to busy just trying to make ends meet and keep up with the Jones's. They would like to do more but most parents just don't have the time and resources.

  • Grandparents - they control about 75% of the wealth in the US and over the next 20 years about $30 Trillion will be passed along to someone - either the government or their families. Historically they've been able to pass along their experience and wisdom to the upcoming generation. Now they are disconnected and frantically trying to be more relevant as they focus on their legacy.

  • Veterans - they have given so much for this country, yet they haven't been properly taken care of in their retiring years. They are mission focused - they understand the importance of the Constitution - they can recognize and respond to threats. Everything they risked their lives for is now at risk - we can organize them to respond to this threat and in the process, take care of their own families.

  • College Students - we are seeing the results of a liberal education system manifest itself on our college campuses. The upcoming generation thinks socialism is superior to capitalism. Most college students don't know our history nor what it means to be American. We have a system where we can find good conservative college students and turn them into mentors for millions of primary school age kids.

We bring all these players into one app that motivates everyone to spend a few mins or more connecting, learning and experiencing what it is to be an American.

The app is called Daily Vitals and its available for free for anyone to download and join.

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Our Goals


5 million families enrolled in our free program in the swing states


10 million families enrolled in our free program in all states


20 million families enrolled in our free program in all states

The Premium Upgrade program

Roughly 5% of the free program users will want to upgrade to the premium version so their grandkids will benefit from the post-secondary certifications and college student mentoring. The upgrade fee will be $30-$50 per month, and will be split between the participating organizations to continue to support and scale the program.